Seger Beach Lombok Surfing Spot

Seger Beach Lombok Surfing Spot. If you love snorkeling or swimming, then Seger Beach is an ideal place. Each part of the beach is perfect for the calm water sport, there is one favorite part of the beach for snorkeling. You can also find the best place for surfing with excellent and quite challenging wave intensity, just like the waves we can find in Kuta Beach. It is said that many tourists prefer to have snorkeling and Lombok surfing in Seger Beach than Kuta Beach due to the wave and view.

On certain months, usually February to March, you can watch Bau Nyale annual ceremony or catching the sea worm in Kuta Beach and Seger Beach. This ceremony done annually and it is signed with the appearance of sea worm or nyale, which is believed to be the incarnation of Princess Mandalika. Not only can you watch and catch Nyale, but also taste some foods from Nyale. Some local Lombok people said that Nyale is tasty. Therefore, don’t ever miss this chance because Nyale can only be found in Lombok island.


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