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Southern Beaches Tour Selong Belanak And Mawun

Southern Beaches Tour Selong Belanak And Mawun

Admire the beauty of a Lombok southern beach, Selong Belanak with a long beach line with a pure white sands, most beginner surfer prefer this secure beach to learn. Mawun beach is also a sanctuary relax from the hassle.

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This tour offers a authenticity of beauty of a hidden paadise of Southern Lombok shores. Admire the beauty and relaxing white-sand beaches of Selong Belanak and Mawun Beach. Take a surf lesson (opt).

Trlly escape from the hassle and hectic life and you will relize that you don’t need a magic to dissapear but you need such a lovely destination.


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Following pick-up, travel to visit the pottery village of Banyumulek. This village is one of the main pottery centers of Lombok, specializing in decorated pots and pots with fiber covering as well as urns and flasks.

It takes around 2 hours drive from Banyu Mulek to the next a breathtaking of seascapes and landscape with blue crystal water and white sand beaches.
And having a few stops in some picturesque area in which the natives could be framed.

Our Next Visit is Mawun beach which is very relaxing area and not too touristic.

Our next stop is Selong Belanak beach which is very popular for Surfing area for beginners. It has very long beach line and pure white sands. Back to Hotel.

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